What Janey’s clients are saying about her coaching:

Beth Horn, American Gladiator, Actor

Janey was spectacular!! She is an absolutely fabulous teacher & an amazing woman. Her poise, confidence, commands & knowledge were perfect. I love her energy, her passion, the knowledge she has to share and the way she presents herself & the information.

Janey has truly inspired me to go out there & do this with true passion.

Joy Fodge, Retail Lululemon/Health, Fitness Nutrition Coach

Janey’s professionalism, attention to detail, excellence and care were outstanding. She did an excellent job in creating a positive, focused, fun and safe environment for everyone being taught and learning. Her approach to teaching/leading is inviting and clear; being open to feedback and questions.

I also valued and came away inspired by Janey taking the time to talk about ‘stage fright’. You can tell how deeply Janey cares and gives her best to her team-very encouraging!

Janey- you are that kind of person that ‘leaves people better than when you found them’. Your message about being your most authentic self to help others be brave is absolutely inspiring. You are a star, keep on, keepin’ (shinin’) on.

Abhishek Sharma, Business Consultant

Mindfulness is connection between our mind and our body. Janey has helped me learn mindfulness through breath.

She is fully engaged and immersed in her teaching, and that’s what inspires and encourages all of her students to be on the journey with her. I know more about myself, am more confident than I was at whatever I wish to achieve in my life, and am overall¬†more thoughtful in life. It has been both a remarkable learning experience and privilege for me to have known and worked with Janey.

Inderjot Sandhar, Yoga Teacher

Meeting Janey has re-inspired me to take lead in my life and fight and strive for what I truly want in life. To let go of all the fear and embrace what makes you get up in the morning.

She brings a vibrant energetically charged intelligence to everything she discusses. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to deliver all the information in a direct clear manner. She has inspired me to find out what makes me really smile and wake up every morning and then to take that and run with it!