Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes of @janeybworld! A Day In The Life of Janey Brown (Behind The Scenes of @janeybworld) Performance Mindset Coach Janey Brown takes over the instagram stories of entrepreneur/ retired soccer Pro Wes Knight, from 5a to 930p. With his audience, she shares a play by play of her entire day, tools from the [...]


Podcast archives below!   6. Working Your Way Through Fear| The YOUnique Piece Podcast Having obstacles in our lives can help us become the best versions of ourselves and Janey Brown has shown that to be the case. Janey shares the tools she’s learned in those difficult moments to teach others how to overcome through [...]

Costa Rica

Last year I took an epic 5 week trip to Costa Rica with my colleagues from Panacea Wellness (a wellness company specializing in destination yoga/meditation/nutrition and recovery retreats), who also happen to be some of my best friends. I went into the trip expecting an adventure and came out with a completely new outlook on the purpose [...]

Path To Wellness

My personal path to wellness was not what I set out for, but it’s a part of me that I wouldn’t give up for anything. Most of you know I’ve been a singer/ performer all my life. Writing, recording and performing songs live or on video is the passion I live for. However I’ve also been a fitness, meditation [...]


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In 2011 I was hired to be the official voice and face of CFL on TSN’s “Friday Night Football” theme song, written by Eric Neuschwander and produced by Andy Curran. This is the full story. I was at Orange Lounge Recording Studio in Toronto working on a record with good friend and collaborator Andy Curran (at the time […]


The 3 part video series in this blog offers some practical tips on making positive lifestyle changes through meditation and mindfulness. Video #1 is an introduction to how we can find our own individual meaning of spirituality. Video #2 answers some of the most commonly asked questions about meditation. Video #3 includes some quick and simple instructions on a breathing exercise that can help reduce [...]


It’s not jogging + yoga. It’s not “Jock Yoga.” It’s JOGA- yoga for athletes- and it’s no joke. I found this special brand of yoga 5 years ago in 2011, while working as a fitness + power yoga instructor at a boutique gym on Queen St. E in Toronto known as “EnergyXchange.” I crossed paths [...]

Here To Mars

To my friends, fans and followers: From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of your continued support. You're my everything from here to mars.   *** The happiest year thus far for me has been manifesting since my last birthday (sept 2015), when I stepped out from underneath my armour a little [...]

2 Makeup Looks in 2 Minutes

Celebrity makeup artist Roxanne DeNobrega worked on my very first professional photoshoot and music video 10 years ago, and has been the makeup goddess of my life ever since! In this 2 min behind the scenes vid she takes me from “girl next door” to “Bollywood”. Enjoy!