Press Record

Singer/ performer/ wellness expert Janey Brown and paralympic athlete/ author/ public speaker @KevinRempel discuss the importance of forgetting perfection and hitting that record button!

I’m Still Here

Paralympic athlete, public speaker and author @KevinRempel puts me in the hot seat in a freestyle, candid interview on overcoming doubt & chasing dreams! – Janey

Say Yes!

The solution to overcoming your fear is saying YES! – Janey

When Love Is Near

“When Love Is Near” is an R&B love song written by Janey Brown & produced by Canadian rapper, singer, and record producer Saukrates. – Janey

Success and Jealousy

It’s been said that jealousy is the act of counting someone else’s blessings instead of your own. There’s no need for you to be jealous of others’ success, here’s why… -Janey

Love Letter

I’m so deep in love with the song “Love Letter” by Champion, so I decided to record an a cappella version of it during my vocal warm up the other day. ps: Download FREE! – Janey #janeybworld #janeybrown


The other day my guitarist “Griffin Griffin” and I were in rehearsals for a show and we decided to a live recording of the song we were practising. Take a listen- you might know the words. 🙂 ps: FREE download of the song! – Janey #janeybrown #janeybworld


Believe it or not, this is actually a very controversial topic, which is why I’m writing about it again. People who use the word “balance” in relation to how they live life, more often than not actually mean “compromise.” I hear a lot of statements like “I don’t believe in balance because it promotes a […]