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1. JOGA, Janey's Story & Stage Fright | Tea Time With Tay PODCAST

In this rare interview with Taylor Lynn of the “Tea Time with Tay” podcast, I share exclusive, never shared before details on my wellness background, music story, losing my voice, and battling with stage fright.
We also discuss my role in the JOGA (brand of yoga designed for athletes) company and the Performance Mindset Program!!!

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2. Performance Anxiety, Shame & Vulnerability | Enhance Your World PODCAST

On average, performers deal with a higher level of anxiety than is necessary, than is healthy or than they are aware of.
The Performance Mindset Program helps people control their fears to stop anxiety from dominating their lives.
In this podcast, life enhancement coach Chris Albaugh invited me onto his early morning “Enhance Your World” Podcast show, where we discuss the Performance Mindset Program, anxiety, shame, vulnerability, courage, addiction, regrets & gratitude.

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