Janey Brown
Janey Brown

JANEY BROWN – Canadian Motivational Speaker

Conquer Fear

Hey rockstars!

I’m Janey Brown, trauma-informed coach, professional singer and speaker.
I help people build resilience to fear, manage mental health and radiate confidence.

Even performance veterans have fear. Brown provides the science for you to conquer it and radiate confidence in front of any audience.

My Story

Over the last two decades, I’ve performed in front of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and struggled with astonishing stage fright most of the way.

I used to try and “fight” my fears, achieve perfection and never show weakness.

All that did was weaken me further, induce a deep sense of loneliness from abandoning myself and turn my fear into a monster. Eventually, this way of living devoured my physical and mental health.

After avidly studying psychology and trauma since 2014, what was once my fear has now become my FUEL.

I created the “FEAR TO FEARCE” program to provide the mental health, emotional intelligence, confidence and leadership skills I lacked coming up in the entertainment industry, especially around mindset and fear.

I was taught that fear is a weakness, but after years of fighting fears and losing, it’s clear now that fear is just an untapped source of fuel. When honed, fear can actually become our friend.

Fear is not a weakness that is meant to be extinguished.
It’s a catalyst for courage and conquest.

You’ll never be more fearless, than when face your fears.

“F E A R
is not a WEAKNESS
meant to be extinguished.

– Janey Brown

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About Janey Brown

Over the last two decades, Janey Brown has performed in front of thousands of people, written and published songs with Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum producers, and has coached a variety of artists. She also has years of experience teaching movement, mindfulness and mental resilience to corporate executives, as well as athletes in the NHL, Olympics, NASCAR and MLS.

Deeply concerned with the rising global suicide rates, Brown now deploys her coaching mostly in the field of “mental fitness,” otherwise known as mindset. In 2014, she became a mental health advocate and currently co-leads nonprofit Blu Matter Project’s “Mental Health and Trauma Sensitive Training”, which includes education on addiction, anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention.

It’s no secret to the public that for most of her career, Brown has struggled with mental illness herself due to untreated complex PTSD. Though what was once her fear is now the fuel that operates “Fearce Academy,” a wellness company Brown built to help entertainers, speakers and entrepreneurs manage imposter syndrome and achieve mental health, so they can “radiate confidence in front of any audience.”

Since launching Fearce Academy in 2017, Brown has impacted people of all ages across North America with her mental health education and motivational keynotes. She has appeared on the stages of SXSW and Toronto Metro Convention Centre, as well as on networks such as CityTV, WBTV (CBS) and TSN.

When Brown isn’t coaching or performing, she’s devoted to furthering her University studies in the field of psychology and trauma to better serve her community.

Her mission is simple: To uplift others so they can keep uplifting others.

Grammy Awards Winner

Mental Health Coach | Motivational Speaker

Founder of Fearce Academy

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