Janey Brown
Janey Brown

JANEY BROWN – Canadian Motivational Speaker

Conquer Fear

Hey rockstars!

I’m Janey Brown, trauma-informed coach, professional singer and speaker.
I help people build resilience to fear, manage mental health and radiate confidence.

Even performance veterans have fear. Brown provides the science for you to conquer it and radiate confidence in front of any audience.

My Journey: From Fear to Fearce

Over the last two decades, I’ve had the privilege of performing in front of thousands of people, a journey that often found me grappling with astonishing stage fright. As one of the leading motivational speakers in Toronto, my path was marked by relentless efforts to conquer my fears, striving for unattainable perfection while concealing any hint of vulnerability.

In the early stages of my career, I relentlessly attempted to combat my fears, striving for unattainable perfection while concealing any hint of vulnerability. Little did I know that this approach only served to weaken me further, leaving me with a profound sense of loneliness, as I had forsaken my true self. The fear that once haunted me had morphed into a relentless monster, wreaking havoc on my physical and mental well-being.

However, my life took a profound turn when, in 2014, I delved deeply into the realms of psychology and trauma. What once terrified me had now become my driving force, propelling me to create the “FEAR TO FEARCE” program. This program is designed to impart essential skills in mental health, emotional intelligence, confidence, and leadership, skills I sorely lacked during my ascent in the entertainment industry, particularly in the realms of mindset and fear management.

In the world I grew up in, fear was stigmatized as a weakness. However, as I journeyed through my career and joined the ranks of motivational speakers in Canada, I came to realize that after years of battling fears to no avail, it is abundantly clear to me now that fear is an untapped reservoir of energy. When harnessed effectively, fear can actually become our ally, a catalyst for courage and triumph.

You will never discover greater fearlessness than when you confront your fears head-on.

“F E A R
is not a WEAKNESS
meant to be extinguished.

– Janey Brown


Roy "Royalty"

“Janey is the complete package: talent, intellect, grace and drive… and that’s just the beginning! Her wisdom of psychology, trauma and musical performance has created a positive impact on the mindset of many of the developing artists we’ve worked with, as well as my own. The love, joy and compassionate honesty she brings to her coaching and her art is bound to uplift anyone desiring to improve their mental health.”

Roy "Royalty" Hamilton III

Multiplatinum producer and songwriter for Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, N’Sync

About Janey Brown: A Canadian Motivational Speaker

Over the course of the past two decades, Janey Brown has graced the stage in front of numerous audiences, penning and releasing songs in collaboration with Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum producers. Her talents have extended beyond the realm of entertainment, as she has also provided guidance to a diverse array of artists and has become one of the most sought-after Canadian inspirational speakers. Additionally, her expertise has been sought by corporate executives, and athletes in the NHL, Olympics, NASCAR, and MLS, where she imparts knowledge on movement, mindfulness, and mental resilience.

Driven by a deep concern for the escalating global suicide rates, Brown has redirected her focus primarily towards the realm of “mental fitness,” commonly known as mindset. In 2014, she emerged as a staunch advocate for mental health and currently co-leads the Blu Matter Project’s “Mental Health and Trauma Sensitive Training” initiative, which includes comprehensive education on addiction, anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention.

Brown’s career was marked by a significant struggle with mental health issues, largely due to untreated complex PTSD. Yet, her torment has now become the driving force behind “Fearce Academy,” a wellness company she established. Fearce Academy’s main mission is to help entertainers, speakers, and entrepreneurs overcome imposter syndrome and achieve mental well-being, empowering them to radiate confidence in any audience.

Established in 2017, Fearce Academy has made a lasting impact on people of all ages throughout North America with its mental health education and motivational speeches. Janey Brown has delivered inspiring talks at renowned events like SXSW and the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. Her valuable insights have reached a broader audience through appearances on CityTV, WBTV (CBS), and TSN.

Her mission is a simple yet profound one: to uplift others so that they, in turn, can uplift those around them. As one of the leading Canadian motivational speakers and inspirational speakers in Canada, Janey Brown’s journey from fear to “Fearce” continues to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their fears and transform them into sources of strength and courage. Whether you’re in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, her message of fear empowerment and mental resilience resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.

Grammy Awards Winner

Mental Health Coach | Motivational Speaker

Founder of Fearce Academy

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