About Janey

Performance Veteran | Mindset Coach | Fearce Academy Founder | Film Producer | Trauma Informed


Over the last 2 decades, Brown has performed in front of thousands of people and spent over ten thousand hours training. She’s recorded with Grammy award winning producers, released 15 original singles to date and is broadcasted on national television 6 months of the year as the “Friday Night Football” anthem singer on TSN.


Frequently travelling North America to offer wellness education and motivational keynotes, Brown has also led 15+ trainings for aspiring coaches and athletes, as well as spoken on fear & mindset at various schools, corporate companies such as CBRE and on renowned stages such as SXSW.


Wellness Coach

Brown has also been coaching movement and mindset for over a decade, is a sponsored Under Armour® athlete and has taught some of the best athletes in the NHL, Olympics, NASCAR and MLS.

Her background in fitness began with competitive gymnastics, followed by 8 years of training in Shorin-Ryu Karate style kickboxing. After achieving her blackbelt and becoming a certified kickboxing instructor, she jumped into Toronto’s health & wellness industry and has since led hundreds of people in different fitness and yoga classes.

Brown’s extensive credentials in various styles of training, ensure the coaching she offers in mindset, meditation and movement is like none other in the world.

Credentials & Education:

  • Black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate Kickboxing
    Certified Kickboxing Coach since 2005 
  • NCCP Level 1 Coaching
    Certified since 2005
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification (Ashtanga, Hatha + Power Vinyasa)
    Certified since 2007 
  • 200hr JOGA Coach Certification (functional movement based yoga for athletes)
    Certified since 2011 (15 forty-hour trainings between 2011-2015)
  • 200hr Naam Yoga Therapies Certification (sound & breath therapy)
    Completed training in 2014
  • 70 hours HEAL Training Certification with Blu Matter Project (yoga for mental health)
    Completed Trainings in in 2015, 2018, 2019
  • 60 hours Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training with David Emerson
    Completed Trainings in 2018, 2019
  • Certified Joga Head Coach
    Delivered 600 hours of Master coaching to other coaches (15 forty-hour trainings between 2015 -2018)
  • Harmonyum Healing I & II practitioner (energy healing)
    Completed Trainings: 2016
  • Recovery Coach at Gary Roberts High Performance Training NHL summer camp

Film producer

Brown has written, produced, co-directed and performed in:

Play Fearce
A 10-part mini series showcasing the story of an artist overcoming fear on their journey to success:

Behind the Scenes of Play Fearce
A 9-part mini series documenting the “making of” Play Fearce, along with some of Brown’s mindset messages:


My Cure
A short film about a struggling artist facing a big opportunity, who battles with inner demons on her journey to mental health and self love.

Visit the Official website to find out more about the film and watch the trailer! http://balkanada.com/mycure/


Fearce Academy

It’s no secret to the public that Brown struggled with anxiety for over half of both her careers. Ultimately though, her darkness became her diamond.

What was once her fear is now the fuel that operates “Fearce Academy,” a wellness company she built to help brave artists, athletes and leaders build resilience to anxiety, hone their craft and make a bigger impact.

In early 2018, Brown agreed to partner Fearce Academy with Playbook Hub– a platform which connects artists and clients online.
Her MO upon teaming up, is to help artists of any type manage their mindset as they face their fears through a unique “performance mindset Program” she built called “Play Fearce.” (Accessible to all Playbook Artists globally 2019.)

“The goal of the “Play Fearce” Mindset Program is to provide the holistic wellness I lacked coming up in the entertainment industry, especially around mindset and fear. I was taught that fear is a weakness, but after years of fighting fears and losing, it’s clear now that befriending our fears is actually what makes us most fearless… hence my deliberate spelling of FEARce. (FEAR + FIERCE = FEARCE).
Upon learning Playbook’s intention to build a community of healthy, educated artists- it was a no brainer to form a partnership.
I was born to lead, serve and inspire others. I’m looking forward to continuing doing so for years to come on this exciting mission between Playbook and Fearce Academy.” –
Janey Brown CEO & Founder of Fearce Academy