What Janey’s clients are saying about her coaching:

Sarah Wells, Olympic 400m hurdler, Speaker, Believe Initiative Founder

“Janey really brought such incredible energy and such an amazing space for me to reflect on my lifestyle habits that contribute to my anxiety as an athlete and speaker. Through the program I’ve been able to work with Janey on learning about the things I have control over that I can apply on a daily basis to take both careers to the next level.

I can’t thank Janey enough- she is truthfully incredible. If you’re considering doing the program I strongly, strongly recommend it!”

Mike Metcalf Jr., NASCAR athlete, Speaker

“I really enjoyed going through the Performance Mindset Program with Janey. In the course of our time, I went from speaking to 90 people to 900 and I couldn’t have done that without her. I would recommend this program to everyone. Its not just about stage fright or performance anxiety, its about overcoming fear in general. And, we all have some type of fear. Janey is an expert at giving you tools to attack and overcome fear.
Her program is simple and practical on the surface, but has incredible depth and impact.”

Ryan Chalmers, Award-winning Audio Engineer, Wellness Entrepreneur, Touring Musician

The Performance Mindset Program has helped me manage and break through a fear of public speaking that I’ve grappled with for decades. I feel an incredible new sense of empowerment and have stepped up to speak publicly five times in the month following the program! The program has given me an array of accessible, useful tools to keep in my ‘back pocket’ and utilize when anxiety strikes. Janey Brown is a master performance coach and I’m thrilled to collaborate with her on this journey towards greater courage and confidence in my career and personal life.

Gary Roberts, NHL 23 -year Alumni, Founder of Gary Roberts High-Performance Training

Janey has been a valuable addition to our recovery team, her understanding of the body through breath and movement has become a great tool in aiding our athletes’ recovery and future performance.
Her experience and knowledge are evident in the way Janey approaches each session, and we are happy to have her on the Gary Roberts High-Performance Training Team. 

Dan Adams, Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty Elite

I just finished the Performance Mindset Program and I’m so amazed at the changes within myself!
The information in the course was profound, plus Janey has so much compassion for your personal struggles and offers incredible insight to help you overcome the obstacles you might not have otherwise been aware of.
So happy I decided to take this! My only advice for anyone who joins is to be fully open and willing to see yourself for who you are, then allow Janey to guide you on this journey.
I did and I’ll never forget it, this happened at the perfect time in my life.

Joy Fodge, Retail Lululemon/Health, Fitness Nutrition Coach

The Performance Mindset Program led and created by Janey Brown couldn’t have come at a better time. Merging each module with a weekly mentorship call has encouraged me to own my brilliance, be courageous in facing my fears and has boosted my self confidence to move forward through challenges.
This has been such a rewarding experience, adding immensely to my leadership tool box!

Janey- you are that kind of person that ‘leaves people better than when you found them’. Your message about being your most authentic self to help others be brave is absolutely inspiring. You are a star, keep on, keepin’ (shinin’) on.

Beth Horn, American Gladiator, Actor

Janey was spectacular!! She is an absolutely fabulous teacher & an amazing woman. Her poise, confidence, commands & knowledge were perfect. I love her energy, her passion, the knowledge she has to share and the way she presents herself & the information.

Janey has truly inspired me to go out there & do this with true passion.

Abhishek Sharma, Business Consultant

Mindfulness is connection between our mind and our body. Janey has helped me learn mindfulness through breath.

She is fully engaged and immersed in her teaching, and that’s what inspires and encourages all of her students to be on the journey with her. I know more about myself, am more confident than I was at whatever I wish to achieve in my life, and am overall more thoughtful in life. It has been both a remarkable learning experience and privilege for me to have known and worked with Janey.

Inderjot Sandhar, Yoga Teacher

Meeting Janey has re-inspired me to take lead in my life and fight and strive for what I truly want in life. To let go of all the fear and embrace what makes you get up in the morning.

She brings a vibrant energetically charged intelligence to everything she discusses. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to deliver all the information in a direct clear manner. She has inspired me to find out what makes me really smile and wake up every morning and then to take that and run with it!