The 3 part video series in this blog offers some practical tips on making positive lifestyle changes through meditation and mindfulness. Video #1 is an introduction to how we can find our own individual meaning of spirituality. Video #2 answers some of the most commonly asked questions about meditation. Video #3 includes some quick and simple instructions on a breathing exercise that can help reduce [...]


It’s not jogging + yoga. It’s not “Jock Yoga.” It’s JOGA- yoga for athletes- and it’s no joke. I found this special brand of yoga 5 years ago in 2011, while working as a fitness + power yoga instructor at a boutique gym on Queen St. E in Toronto known as “EnergyXchange.” I crossed paths [...]

Here To Mars

To my friends, fans and followers: From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of your continued support. You're my everything from here to mars.   *** The happiest year thus far for me has been manifesting since my last birthday (sept 2015), when I stepped out from underneath my armour a little [...]

2 Makeup Looks in 2 Minutes

Celebrity makeup artist Roxanne DeNobrega worked on my very first professional photoshoot and music video 10 years ago, and has been the makeup goddess of my life ever since! In this 2 min behind the scenes vid she takes me from “girl next door” to “Bollywood”. Enjoy!


Believe it or not, this is actually a very controversial topic, which is why I’m writing about it again. People who use the word “balance” in relation to how they live life, more often than not actually mean “compromise.” I hear a lot of statements like “I don’t believe in balance because it promotes a […]

Really Wanna

Download Really Wanna on iTunes! Really Wanna is a sexy, laid back R&B collaboration between myself and my long time musical partner, DJ, producer and MC Miles “Runaway” Jones. The song reflects our early understanding of what it feels like to fall out of lust and into love with someone for the first time. It’s about […]


To celebrate the 8th year anniversary of my Halloween tribute “Psycho” I have written a blog to share the story behind the song and my alter ego who performs it “Marella Jane.”

Balancing Act

What does it mean to be a health and wellness professional? Well to some, it means being a Saint: You preach about healthy habits, so you should be engaged in those healthy habits at all times. You’re a leader so you should have all the answers. To me it means the ability to create balance. […]

Miss You

When the absence of someone is fresh, it doesn’t matter how angry you choose to stay at them, or on the contrary how empowered or successful you feel within yourself. It doesn’t matter how many cuties smile and wink at you, tell you you’re amazing or ask to take you out. It doesn’t matter how [...]


When you share a vulnerable piece of yourself with someone else, there's always a possibility they’ll forevermore define you as being only that thing you shared, instead of seeing you as an imperfect, yet whole person. Worse, there's a chance they could use that piece of information against you to hurt you, instead of having [...]