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I Belong Here

Over the last 12 years in Toronto, I saw not much value in developing a community.
I came to the city to achieve my goals… not to play around.

There was “no time” to spend on anything other than what was directly related to manifesting my music and wellness careers, and besides… I didn’t “need” anyone anyway.

That was the story I told myself.

The truth is, I was scared to let anyone get too close because I was privately struggling with anxiety and depression.
I convinced myself I’d end up even lonelier if people knew the real, off stage version of Janeybworld.”

I rarely felt a sense of belonging unless I was working. I never felt valuable unless I was entertaining or coaching.

The degree of discomfort I felt on a daily basis living in my own body and mind made me feel like a fucking alien.

It was excruciating and suffocating to try and be “present” with myself, so being present for anyone else was impossible.

I lived life like this for a lot of years without knowing what I was missing, or how it was affecting my health to keep my heart closed off to the world around me. However, my attitude changed last year during one of the lowest periods in my life, when I learned just how important connection and community really is to survival.

“Loneliness is at an all time high and has become a health epidemic. It’s a greater predictor of early death than smoking, obesity and obsessive drinking.
Loneliness absolutely kills you.” Brene Brown

It was summer 2017 and despite my upbeat and fast paced life, I was in a very hurting place.

I was heartbroken by the loss of a long term relationship, sleeping on the floor of a friend’s place, dealing with the pressures of having just launched my new business “Fearce Academy” and debilitated from a low back injury that was connected to a giant tumour inside of me.

These circumstances were extremely challenging, but they were more like the “last straws” on an already very heavy load I had been carrying around.

The accumulation of years of fighting for happiness amongst my anxiety disorder, of pretending to be ok when I wasn’t, of keeping myself isolated and disconnected, of feeling like a loser, an outcast, a failure… that’s what was breaking me and robbing my oxygen.

I was drowning in sadness.
I couldn’t see a way out of the ocean of grief and the waves kept coming.

No amount of success I was acquiring was making me happy and I began to feel like I no longer belonged on earth anymore.

These were my first experiences with suicidal thoughts.


A few of my core people held tight to the other end of my rope to help me stay afloat, but had no idea how dark the waters I was in had become.

No one could understand the place I was in; I felt hopelessly by myself.
Psychotherapy was running it’s course; I sounded like a broken record.
Nothing seemed to help; I was burnt out from trying to stay alight.

I was hanging on but slowly giving up.
Losing faith.
Losing meaning.
Losing time.

In a state of deep depression like this, the chemistry of one’s brain changes.
It becomes irrational and misguided.

That was the brain which was convincing me that I was a burden and unloveable, that no one would understand me if I told them the truth, that my life had lived out it’s purpose.

This was the moment some mAgic happened.

All the way down in Charlotte, North Carolina there was a dude by the name of Wes Knight (Founder of “Creating Space Movement”) who stumbled across my instagram profile.

We knew nothing about each other at the time, other than the fact that we were both agents of light with a similar message and the intention to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.

This was cause enough for us to collaborate on a “Tuesday Takeover” – a Creating Space Movement campaign, where you swap instagram stories and share your life with the other person’s audience for a day.

Mid-way through the day, Wes revealed to my audience that the “A” in the Creating Space logo:

symbolizes the bridge in Vancouver where he almost took his life during his professional soccer career with MLS.

Right then and there, the anchors around my ankles lightened a little.
I wasn’t alone.

Here was someone else- just like me- who has been where I am.

This incredible voice, creator, leader and impactor was now thriving despite his mental health battles.

Wes survived the suicidal demons, therefor so would I.

Then, more magic.

A close friend from his Charlotte network who lives by the law of “collaboration over competition,” (owner of wellness establishments “Kadi” and “bloc”- an acronym for “Building Lifestyle On Community”) Katie Dixon showed up in my DMs with a simple, yet powerful message of encouragement.

Unafraid to voice her admiration for my vocal skills and messages of hope, she let me know I was seen, appreciated and that who I am matters.

I reciprocated my awe for the many gifts she was sharing with the world and in the coming weeks what started as an Instagram message between us, lead to an 8 hour phone call of sharing and manifesting, which lead to 4 months of traveling back and forth from Toronto to Charlotte for collaboration, creativity and connection.

The motivational talks, performances, fitness classes and mini documentaries we did together are just a few unforgettable moments that I’m sure will lead to more greatness in due time, but those were secondary gifts to the bigger gems I found in Charlotte.

When Katie plucked me out of my world and put me into hers, she showed me a place where community and family is number one to all.

She welcomed me into her home, with her family and her people and proved to me that I can be loved not just for what I do, what I can accomplish, or who I used to be… but for simply being me.

Her community of friends and family followed suit.

One of our dear, mutual friends Lo Myrick (Life Coach, Business Consultant) even handed me over the keys to her car and apartment while she was travelling, at the beginning of our friendship.
Needless to say she is now one of my best friends and has held tight to the end of my rope in several scary places since then.

The generosity, the kindness, the genuine desire to connect just for sake of sharing energy and uplifting each other was extremely powerful in the Charlotte & Cornelius communities.

These people didn’t have to support me. They didn’t have to like me. They didn’t even have to be nice to me. But that’s just the way this place works. People value people. People care. People trust. People love.

I saw this. I felt this. And it changed my understanding of who I thought I was.

All along, the story I told myself to keep me protected from feeling the pain of disconnection, was that I was a nomad- always roaming, never really belonging.

Of course, this only kept me more disconnected.

Who I see now is a person that if brave enough to let others into her heart, is WORTHY of their love.

I see a person full of love to give others.

I see a person that not only belongs in Charlotte, but also in LA, Toronto, Costa Rica, the wilderness, the ocean, the grocery store, cafes, the stage, under a random tree in a park… Everywhere.
I belong everywhere.

I belong on Earth. In this life.

I belong HERE.


When the waves of life become rough and the anchors around our ankles threaten to pull us under, it’s human connection that holds the rope while we fight for our lives. It’s community where we can find resilience to carry on.

Ultimately, we are the ones who have to keep swimming to survive; we are the answers to our own lives. However, if the anchors are too heavy, we can paddle has hard as we’re able, but might not have enough strength to pull ourselves out of the water without the support of others.

When our community is strong, it proves us wrong when we’re thinking we have no purpose or don’t belong.

If we can be brave enough to start leaning into our people, we will not only find that we belong, we will also discover we have the capacity to help others feel like they belong too.

Community then, is no longer just a “lifestyle,” it’s a lifeline.


To my communities in Charlotte, LA, Toronto and the Thousand Islands: You know who you are. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Thank you for showing me I BELONG HERE.


I can’t say for sure what would have happened if I continued to suffer in isolation, but I can say where it has lead many others’ struggling with mental illness who in some way or another didn’t have the support they needed:
Robin Williams (suicide), Whitney Houston (overdose), Chester Bennington of Linkin Park (suicide), Amy Winehouse (overdose), Anthony Bourdain (suicide) … and the list goes on and on.

Mental illness doesn’t have to spawn out of a messed up childhood or from a monumental catastrophe that takes place mid-life.
It can happen to any one of us, for any reason, at any time.
It’s a continuum.

Suicidal thoughts are more common than you think, but not to be taken lightly.
If you are beginning to fantasize about death or illness, please find the courage to reach out to those you trust.
If you’re not sure who to trust, below are some resources which I can personally vouch for.

To those who know someone struggling: it is not your job to “fix” them. They are not broken.
Your only job is to be human and connect with them where they are at, not where you wish they were at.
Show them they are seen, heard and that their lives matter. 
Then, refer them to a professional who is qualified to help them further.

Start talking. And start actually connecting when people start talking.

This is how we end the stigma.

This is how we survive.



Counselling & Therapy Resources:

Solace Counselling
Nancy Carter, psychotherapist

Runway to Recovery

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In a lot of ways, my whole life has felt like walking a “runway.”
Fast paced. Non-stop. Observed by crowds and cameras. And one hell of a shit show backstage.

Whether it be stepping in front of an audience to sing, in front of a group of athletes to teach a Joga class, or in front of aspiring coaches to lead a training, I’ve always excelled at what I do- even at the expense of my mental and physical health.

This is why “backstage” of both my wellness and music careers, I suffered extreme depression and anxiety for several years, with 2017 being one of the hardest of all.

Here is my story of stepping off the runway and onto the road of recovery.

Approximately one year ago, I stood face towards this corner having a public meltdown on the phone with a close friend, as I tried to figure out where I was going to live.

Only a few days earlier, a long term relationship that I had been fighting to make work for several months had finally gone up in flames and I had no where to call home.

In addition, that same week doctors discovered an unidentifiable mass in my pelvis which I later learned I’d need surgery to remove.

To top it all off, I was launching the “Performance Mindset Program” – the first online program of my new business “Fearce Academy” in just a few days.

Terrified. Heartbroken. Lost. Hopeless. Powerless… Understatements.

I might as well have been at the bottom of an ocean.

One wave at a time though, I figured out how to float back up to the surface.

A woman who I’ve always called “mom #2” here in Toronto, agreed to let me move back in with her for a few months until I was able to get my head above water and sort out my own place to live.
We cleared out her storage room, piled up my belongings against the walls and blew up the air mattress.

As grateful as I was to have somewhere familiar and safe I could post up for a while, the deep shame I felt about “moving back in with mom” at age 30 got the better of me…

“I feel like such a loser” I said to her in between sobs the night I moved in.

I’ll never forget what she said in response…

“Well maybe you are.
But that’s ok… sometimes it takes a loser to make a winner.”

She wasn’t trying to soothe me; she was trying to make a warrior out of me.

Not long after, another current pushed me closer to the surface.

I launched Day ONE of the “Performance Mindset Program.”

Scared shitless that I wasn’t going to be enough of the leader I imagined my clients expected of me due what I was facing behind the scenes, I remembered one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my coaching career:


Quite frankly, being a leader invokes more struggle into your life at times to ensure you’ve first swam the depths of the ocean before teaching others to.
So I decided to trust my struggle and brave my open heart.

If there was any ray of light for me in the deep blue where I was fighting for air, it was this.


I had spent the previous 7 months like a mad scientist, researching and carefully constructing each of the 5 modules for the course.

My two main offices were: the office of the apartment my ex and I had together and the Mount Pleasant graveyard near our place.

(*Fun fact: graveyards are incredibly clean and super quiet because pretty much the only people that hang out there are dead. My mind was always so clear and it was never out of place for me to burst out into tears while doing the deep emotional work needed to build the program.)

“Only dead people never get unwanted or inconvenienced by their feelings, never get broken hearts, never get stressed, never experience disappointment that comes with failure. T
ough emotions IS living. D
iscomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” – Susan David

I wrote. I cried. I explored. I cried some more. I transformed. A beautiful 5 module course was born.

When it came time to walk my first 4 clients (which was more than enough to handle at that time) through the process, I did so with flying colours despite how upside down I felt inside.

They were incredibly receptive, grateful and to this day I still hear from them about how my coaching changed their lives.

As much as they claim the Performance Mindset Program helped them, it equally helped me, reminding me that I’m truly my best self when I’m helping other people find their wings.

This sense of purpose was the only thing that helped me breathe again when I was at my lowest.


The piece of this story that left me treading water for months though, was this unidentifiable mass attached to my uterus.

What scared me the most was that no one really understood what they were looking at. The results just weren’t showing up properly from any of the tests.

I had 4 ultra sounds, 1 MRI and 1 visit to emerg and every time I went in it was a different disturbing story.

The whole thing was one huge waiting game that tested my resilience to the max.

I was already in so much emotional pain from the loss of love, that all I wanted to do was crush a hardcore circuit session, climb the silks and fall through the air, or go for a good old fashioned run.

Due to the nerve pain in my lower back, there were days that I could barely stand up straight let alone get in a good sweat to uplift my spirits, so relying on physical exertion to escape my demons was not an option.

When you’re ‘in the deep’, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing “nothing.”
Easy to believe that you’re not being productive enough, that you’re falling behind… being forgotten about.

Your unmanaged mind thinks the worst.

“What if I never get better?
I’ll lose my job, my identity, I won’t be of use anymore.”

Frustration. Fear. Doubt. Shame. Depression… All scary sea monsters that gnaw away at your skin as you try to swim, with emotional pain and fear outweighing the physical debilitation by a tidal wave.

The only thing that kept me from drowning was knowing my Performance Mindset Program clients needed me to help them breathe.

I kept paddling and finally was able to float at the surface.

I used my mindfulness tools from my Program to manage my thoughts. I was doing everything I could to take care of myself; the unknown and the waiting was out of my control. So I surrendered.

I couldn’t “crush it” at the gym. So I humbled myself and stood amongst others who were “crushing it,” while I did my simple, seemingly easy mobility exercises specific to my injuries’ needs.

redefined the meaning of “productivity.” Getting to doctors appointments, booking physio treatments and energy healing sessions, going for walks was now what it looked like to be hero of my day.

In this space, I had nothing I could use to run from my vulnerabilities. So I was forced to learn to love myself more deeply in the presence of unworthiness, failure, loneliness, inadequacy and abandonment. 


After 7 months of decreased quality of living, literally the day after I walked the runway for the Reebok Fashion show with Team Joga, the surgeons removed what they were expecting to be one 5-7cm mass, which ended up being three 14-16cm (collectively) benign tumours twisted around my uterus, cutting off its circulation.


Now, I’d like to say that after the surgery I stayed on the road to recovery, but instead I jumped back on that runway as fast as I could.

Three weeks after my surgery, I was in a different country leading a Joga training, back at the gym full speed, shooting a music video and speaking at 3 different schools in the span of 14 days.

While I don’t regret it, I paid for it.
What should have taken me 5 weeks to get back to normal took me 4 months.

Today though, a year after this entire tsunami hit, I can say I’m living in my own place (dubbed by one of my friends as the “Hygge Hut”) in the heart of downtown Toronto, thriving in both my wellness and music careers, expanding Fearce Academy with a new team, tumour-free and HAPPILY falling in love with my independent self more and more everyday.

The road to recovery is exactly that: a road.

It has twists, wrong turns, bumps and blocks…. but it is every bit a powerful part of your journey as the runways that make you feel like a rockstar.

Rehabbing your body back to health does not feel bad ass.
It feels unsexy, redundant and scary. However,
 the process itself of choosing to step off the runway, slow down and walk the road to recovery causes you to develop a whole other badass set of rockstar qualities: humility, courage, compassion, self love, resilience, inner strength and self-peace.

For these qualities I am a far more FEARCE coach, performer and leader than I could have ever been had I not gone from runway to recovery.

“Your healing, changing and growing process doesn’t happen overnight. Whether mending broken bones, surviving a sickness, or recovering from emotional trauma, you need to allow yourself space to move through this process at whatever pace your brain and body are capable of. 

Rushing healing is like trying to sprint under water. It doesn’t speed things up…it only exhausts and frustrates you.

Have the patience to swim with the current and the courage to love yourself wave after wave.” – Janey Brown

"Runway to Recovery" (behind the scenes footage of the runway, surgery and recovery process)

Rally After Rejection

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Rally after REJECTION

Whether it be standing on stage or at the front of a boardroom, being in an interview or on a first date, the FEAR of REJECTION is in us all.

This fear is the major root of stage fright or “performance anxiety” and prevents millions of people from performing optimally at their jobs and in life.

Back in the days of our savage ancestors, the human connection within a tribe was relied upon for survival. In this day and age, we depend on the connection of our guardians in our early years of development to keep us alive.

In either case, there is no escaping the neurobiological hardwiring that exists in all humans, which causes us to ache for human connection from the time of birth until the time of death- even once we are able to take care of our basic survival needs independently.

Because of this predisposition, we connect being rejected to lacking self-worth or value, which unconsciously triggers an association with death.

It’s easy then, to see why we’re so greatly disturbed by rejection- no matter how big or small and why we go to extreme measures to mitigate it, even if it means we hold ourselves back from our passions, love interests and well-being.

Understanding how to shift this fearful perspective around rejection can increase our resiliency after getting rocked by it.


Here are 4 tips to help you “Rally after Rejection”

  • You are not in danger of death
    As soon as you feel the warm wash of shame, the fire of fury, or the swells of sadness after perceiving that you’e been rejected, remind yourself you are not going to die.
    Although extremely uncomfortable, these are natural human responses to rejection.
    Allow these feelings to be present, so they can be processed and released.


  • Practise the “TrifectA” (Awareness, Acceptance, Adjustment: 3 actionable A’s vital to create any change) tool from the Performance Mindset Program
    The sooner you can be brave enough to find awareness and acceptance for your feelings around rejection, the sooner they can be adjusted.
    If you blame or project your feelings onto the subject you feel you were rejected by, you’ll only get stuck in your suffering and prolong the process.


  • Rejection isn’t personal
    Sometimes “rejection” is actually just a political choice and has nothing to do with you. However, even if someone says “I don’t like you,” it’s their own limiting beliefs that are resulting in them feeling this way.
    Their inability to like you does not mean you’re unlikeable, thus does not take away from your worth as a human being.

    The real question is: Do YOU like yourself? Do YOU believe your a worthy human being?
    If the answer is “no” to either of these questions, rejection is going to sting a hell of a lot more for hell of a long time until those answers turn into “yes.”


  • We are not our mistakes
    Our mistakes may lead to others wanting to turn away from us, but while there is always something to be learned from them, they do not have to define who we are.
    A wrong move does not make us wrong people.
    A flaw in our character does not make us flawed characters.
    Most importantly, a fear-based action that results in someone else wanting to deny us of their love, does not mean we are unloveable.


Rejection might be something that always disturbs us, but the solution isn’t to try and avoid it altogether, it’s to become braver with our feelings.

Part of what makes life so beautiful is the dance between rain and sun, darkness and light, pain and joy, fear and love.

This ebb and flow of yes and no doesn’t have to be something that takes us to our knees.
Instead it can create a catalyst for courage to face the internal struggle that arises with rejection, which is more often than not rooted much deeper than in rejection itself.

Ask yourself this: “What do I need to heal inside of me to feel worthy? Accepted? Loveable?”

Answer these questions bravely and honestly; the worst rejection of all is the rejection we bestow upon ourselves when we haven’t yet learned to fully embrace who we are- flaws and all.

“Do Not Disturb”

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Tech Addiction

“We unlock our iPhones an average of 80 times and rack up more than 4.7 hours actively engaged with our mobile device each day.” Taylor Pipes, Evernote Blog writer

It’s said that the answer to any addiction is found within the addiction itself.
“Phone addiction” is a real thing and it’s being used by many as a way to avoid addressing the rapidly rising depression and anxiety dilemma in our society.

A common ‘answer’ found in the addiction to cell phones is the lack of human connection we are feeling in our lives. The catch 22, is that while this gives our brains the illusion we are more connected to what’s going on in the world, we are in fact becoming more disconnected to the world going on around us.
This drives us to seek more connection in the very thing that’s causing the disconnection and so on the saga continues.

Mental Health & Social Media

Rates of depression have doubled in the last 30 years.

It is predicted that by the year 2020, reports of mental health problems will rise by 50% globally. Mental illness will transform to one in five of the most prevalent causes of mortality, morbidity and death for young people.

Huffington Post says that 60% of people are having more negative thoughts about themselves due to social media.

While the brain may understand conceptually that it is watching the 10 second highlight reel of someone’s 24 hour day, the mind still falls for the illusion of what it perceives on social media to be “real life” which causes us to compare, judge and feel unworthy.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.

If this is true, it means then that finding solace in our cell phones is also just a habit that can be broken and built into a better one.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the perfect lifestyle habits; each one of us will have a different combination of tools that helps us best manage our tech time. However, instilling a morning routine, pre planning our day/ week and implementing healthy boundaries around phone use are all extremely helpful habits to adopt, if we want to find our way back to feeling connected, creative, productive and happy.

Due to an influx of demand for help on the subject of phone control, business consultant/ Life Coach Lo Myrick & wellness leader/ Performance Mindset Coach Janey Brown have teamed up and put together some of the best habits they’ve adopted into their lives to promote more of a phone-free lifestyle!

Do Not Disturb infograph

Set the Stage

American author, entrepreneur and public speaker Tim Ferris says if you win your morning, you win your day.”

The term “set the stage” refers to doing exactly that.

Partaking in a morning routine sets the stage for us to perform as our most productive, creative and happy self for the rest of the day.

The idea is to create a mindfulness- based practise where we allocate the first 30 minutes (at least) of our morning to ourselves without any tech (with the exception of potentially playing music from an offline playlist), before we get ourselves into a reactionary mode.

The mindfulness practise can involve movement, journaling, mindfulness meditation, tea time etc.; in essence anything that develops a reflex for us to live our day with self awareness.


Morning pages (journaling) don’t need to solve your problems. They simply need to get your problems out of your head, where they’ll otherwise bounce around all day like a bullet ricocheting inside your skull.” – Tim Ferris

  • encourages self-reflection thus leads to profound self awareness & discoveries
  • dream recall (if done first thing when you wake up)
  • forces your brain to awaken out of its sleep fog
  • promotes self honesty
  • unlocks creative thinking
  • allows you to vent frustrations/worries
  • opportunity to map out day/week ahead of time and prioritize most important tasks
  • cages your “monkey mind” on paper so you can go about your day with a clean slate

“Mind monkey” or “monkey mind” is a Buddhist term meaning “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable.”

Schedule Blocking:

Once you set the stage, preview your pre-planned day to get perspective on how many hours in the day can and will be utilized instead of being on social.

It may seem like overkill to block your time right down to “morning tea” or “reading non-fiction”, but the more  you see that your day is filled with important tasks, the less likely you are to think your time is a free for all and get lost in the vortex of the stick world of the inter-web.

Also, if you know you have some play time on social scheduled in, you’re less likely to cheat throughout the day and check it in unnecessary doses.

Deep Work

“Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.” – Cal Newport, Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Reach for the phone. Check texts. Read email. Scroll through social feeds. Answer DMs. Post to instagram stories.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft, we lose our focus faster than a goldfish.

Even a quick glance at Twitter or reviewing an email has a negative impact on your ability to focus on tasks. In fact, that one quick glance costs you about 15 to 20 minutes of attention loss.

Pre-scheduling 2-3 hours minimum of deep work in your daily regimen is imperative for both creativity and productivity.


“Boredom inspires creativity.”  Scott Hofert, founder of  ColsenKeane Leather in Charlotte, NC

Our tech never gives us the chance to be bored, thus inhibits our ability to think creatively.

Give yourself permission to have a block of uninterrupted time with literally nothing planned and nothing distracting. Be still with yourself each day and take note of what surfaces!

Closing Act

How you finish your day is every bit as important to master as how you begin it.

“Research has found that exposure to blue light (the LED lights are found in our phones and computer screens) suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin more than any other type of light.”
This inhibits our bodies and brains from getting the restful sleeps they deserve.

Ending the last 30 min (minimum) of our day without tech gives us the opportunity to find maximum recovery, which enables the us to restore the most amount of energy needed to tackle the next day ahead.

This is a time you can also reflect on the tasks that didn’t get completed and schedule them in for the next day.

Journaling before bed can be a great way elicit gratitude which cultivates positive emotion before you fall asleep.

3 Stone Cold Phone Laws:

  • ‘Human presence takes precedent’ (inc. lineups, elevators, ubers and walking by people on the street)
    This will force you to seek more connection at any chance you get.
  • No tech when eating
    Research shows we are more likely to overeat if we are engaged with our phone, computer or tv screens while eating. Concentrate solely on your food at meal time to achieve optimal nourishment
  • Put phone on airplane mode/no wifi at gym
    For a lot of us, our phones are multi purposed and provide us with our music while we’re at the gym. However, we can’t achieve proper mind-muscle connection when our phone is occupying our mind and thus we won’t get as much out of our workouts.
    If part of your brand is to post pictures and videos of your fitness routine, do it after the workout is done- not in the middle of it.


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Funny thing is, Janey felt like a fraud. Before and after performances Janey was riddled with fear and anxiety. She tried to remedy these problems with the pursuit of perfection and soon Janey began to burn out. Her immune system took a huge hit and for the better part of a year her voice was completely lost. The rug was swept out from under her whole world and she was forced to take a serious look inside and really find out who she was… Click the title to listen!

4. A Performer's Mindset | Breakthrough Musician PODCAST

“Proper mindset is crucial to a musician. In this episode, Performance Mindset Coach Janey Brown takes us through her decision to pursue music at an early age. As a childhood performer, music was what molded Janey. She mentions how making a commitment to be a performer made struggles later in life much more manageable. She knew that this was her only option.

Janey also talks about her battle with stage fright but unlike most performers, her situation was different. Many musicians have issues while they’re on stage. A physical symptom or the inner monologue while trying to execute a smooth phrase! For Janey, her problems began once she got off stage. She would constantly hearing the inner voices of doubt and worry. This began to take a toll on her everyday and she knew she had to make a change.

Sure enough this gave way to her start in her health career. Janey has always been active but now being able to collide her music and health career has paved the road to the Performance Mindset Program. Janey describes her Performance Mindset coaching program and how it can prepare you on and off stage!” – Kevin Mecchella, Breakthrough Music

3. Anxiety & the Path to a Performance Mindset | Championship Lifestyle PODCAST w/ Janey Brown

In this episode of the CLP we’re joined by our very good friend and online Performance coach, Janey Brown! A performer of 20 years and fitness expert for over a decade, Janey has combined her wealth of experience dealing with anxiety on and off the stage, with her yoga and meditation practice. The result is her brand new Performance Mindset Program. JB opens up about her personal experiences with anxiety, identifying yoga and meditation as coping strategies and why we all need to connect with our authenticity.

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2. Performance Anxiety, Shame & Vulnerability | Enhance Your World PODCAST

On average, performers deal with a higher level of anxiety than is necessary, than is healthy or than they are aware of.
The Performance Mindset Program helps people manage their fears to stop anxiety from dominating their lives.
In this podcast, life enhancement coach Chris Albaugh invited me onto his early morning “Enhance Your World” Podcast show, where we discuss the Performance Mindset Program, anxiety, shame, vulnerability, courage, addiction, regrets & gratitude.

1. JOGA, Janey's Story & Stage Fright | Tea Time With Tay PODCAST

In this interview with Taylor Lynn of the “Tea Time with Tay” podcast, I share exclusive details on my wellness background, music story, losing my voice, and battling with stage fright.
We also discuss my role in the JOGA (functional movement based yoga designed for athletes) company and the Performance Mindset Program!!!

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Costa Rica

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Last year I took an epic 5 week trip to Costa Rica with my colleagues from Panacea Wellness (a wellness company specializing in destination yoga/meditation/nutrition and recovery retreats), who also happen to be some of my best friends. I went into the trip expecting an adventure and came out with a completely new outlook on the purpose of my life.
Inhabiting the Costa Rican way of eating, thinking, living and loving was the beginning of my transformation from “Janey Brown the Singer” or “Janey Brown the Wellness Leader” to “Janey Brown the “Performance Mindset Coach.” 

In this “Behind The Scenes of @janeybworld video,” I share an exclusive look at some of our adventures, fitness workouts, business meetings and of course play.

And yes…. yoga instructors, nutritionists, reiki practitioners and massage therapists like beer too!!


Follow me on Spotify for the 2016 Costa Rica playlist that kept us dancing in every place we travelled! (Or see below for the song list if you don’t have Spotify. Costa Rica 2017 playlist coming soon!!)

Costa Rica 2016 SPOTIFY Playlist


Work – Rihanna ft. Drake

679 – Fetty Wap ft. Monty

Boom – Major Lazer

Light It Up (remix) – Major Lazer

Bajito – Ky-Mani Marley

Never Forget You – Zara Larsson ft. MNEK

Cheap Thrills – Sia ft. Sean Paul

Middle – DJ snake

Kamikaze – Mo

Where Are U Now – Jack U ft. Justin Bieber

I know there’s gonna be (good times) – Jamie xx ft. Young Thug and Popcaan

Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

My Way – Fetty Wap ft. Monty

Touch – Pia Mia

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) – Clean Bandit

I Got U – Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones

Lean On – Major Lazer ft. Mo & DJ Snake

You Know You Like It ft. Aluna George – DJ Snake

Don’t Need Nobody – Ellie Goulding

Ready For Your Love – Gorgon City feat. MNEK

I’m In Control – Aluna George ft. Popaan

Heaven – Shaun Frank & KSHMR feat. Delaney jane

My Time – DJ Adam cooper ft. Janey brown

Acid Rain – DJ Adam cooper ft Janey brown

Bailar – Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo

What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber

One Dance – Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla

Fast Car (radio edit) – Jonas Blue ft. Dakota

Show Me Love EDX remix – Sam Feldt & Kimberly Anne

Everyone Falls in love – Tanto Metro & Devonte

Reggae – Etana

Hello (reggae cover) – Conkarah Music

Path To Wellness

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My personal path to wellness was not what I set out for, but it’s a part of me that I wouldn’t give up for anything.

Most of you know I’ve been a singer/ performer all my life. Writing, recording and performing songs live or on video is the passion I live for.
However I’ve also been a fitness, meditation and yoga coach over the last 10 years, teaching hundreds of groups and individuals at over 16 different wellness facilities in Toronto.

This long journey in the fitness industry started even before it became my way of earning income, with a history of competitive gymnastics, martial arts, and performing dance numbers in music theatre productions every summer.
Initially, I was involved in fitness to keep me healthy for the stage, but then it turned into something I could support myself with financially off the stage.

When I began to turn it into a career, I started out at the bottom of the food chain as an intern at Curves for Women in Brockville at age 17. Two years later I moved to Toronto to pursue my music career and simultaneously attained the credits needed to teach fitness and yoga. My experiences are many I am proud of:
  • I’ve lead teacher trainings for aspiring yoga instructors, and hosted educational seminars for corporate companies.
  • I’ve trained NHL and CFL players, Olympic athletes and UFC fighters in the athletic brand of yoga known as JOGA.
  • I’ve taken 7 yoga trainings and 4 fitness/coaching certifications, among many other courses to support my knowledge base.
  • I’ve helped lawyers and financial kingpins find their zen through meditation.
  • I’ve seen hundreds of faces smile through sweat and just as many curse me under their breath.
  • I’ve met hundreds of fellow wellness leaders and probably won’t have to pay for another yoga class in Toronto as long as I live there.
  • I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would about the physical body, the nervous system, breath patterns, nutrition, meditation, yoga styles, body mechanics, recovery, “mindfulness” and will continue to learn for the rest of my life.

Though in all the tremendous experiences I’ve gained and services I’ve given over these years, one of the most exciting accomplishments happened in March 2016 with three other incredible women.

In addition to my music aspirations, it’s always been a dream of mine to:
A) escape Canadian winters to somewhere hot B) travel C) work with a team of like minded, driven women who share the same desire to serve the greater good.
I nailed all 3 of those dreams in one when I teamed up with Panacea Wellness in March 2016, to teach yoga and meditation at our first wellness retreat in Costa Rica.

Panacea Wellness was founded by two east coast ginger sisters- Cleo & Sylvie Tetrault. In the summer of 2015, they asked another East Coast girl Mischaela Richter and myself to join their team.

Cleo is a high powered ninja masseuse who takes care of all the retreat details and logistics, and who could easily bring a 7ft, 400 pound football player to tears on her massage table. She is small, but trust me- she is mighty. At the same she has a kindness in her heart that can warm up the entire room, making you feel completely safe and at ease in her care.

Mischaela is an energetic healer, who delights everyone with Reiki at our retreats and may have a natural talent at showing people just how hard they are capable of laughing. After meeting and spending time with Mischaela for 3 days, I’m pretty convinced we’re part of the same family of magical mermaids.

Sylvie is a strong, tenacious woman who inspires and motivates her clients (and me) every day. She takes care of all the nutrition and fitness classes at the retreat and has a wealth of knowledge that enchants everyone who chooses to learn from her.
Though we look fundamentally nothing alike, we’ve been mistaken for sisters and even twins on more than one occasion, in more than one country. Each time this happens it’s just as bizarre as the last time, but perhaps we’re perceived as so similar due to the same passion, determination and courage we commit to our goals and life itself.
I kiss the sky every day that her and I came back into each others’ lives after meeting 10 years ago in 2007.

Yeah, pretty incredible team… I think so too.

If the amazing connection and joy that came out of travelling with these women before and after the retreat wasn’t indication enough that I am on the right path with the right people, then the growth in spirituality and leadership we developed together as a team during the actual retreat proved it.

The poise and grace that was exuded through our challenges, the emotional control through our exhaustion and the support, respect and honesty we had for one another when discussing a problem, really defined the women I am in business with and showed me the woman I’ve grown into today.

I’m incredibly grateful to be working with this team and excited for the wellness retreats and seminars we’ll be hosting in 2017. (Learn more about our next Panacea Wellness Retreat on Feb 17 2017!!!)
Finding happiness, purpose and wellness looks different for everyone.
Science has proven that we are all diverse right down to our DNA, thus we all need a customized combination of exercise, nutrition and motivating activities to create our paths to wellness. You could say that I’ve found my path to wellness in helping people find theirs.
I am truly my best self, when I am leading others to their best life.


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“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Believe in yourself.” And trust your pain.


No matter what we do, no matter where we hide, no matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid pain.
We can’t mitigate it or prevent it for ourselves or for anyone else.
All throughout our lives we’ll be delivered our own dose of it, in various shapes and sizes, at different times, for different reasons.

Some people will try to numb it out with food, drugs, alcohol, tv, video games, social media, sex, blaming someone else or all of the above. However, they will find out that numbing feelings of pain will also numb feelings of joy.

Others will armour up with a thick shield and turn cold to try and keep the pain out. They will realize they’re instead keeping the pain in and worse- segregating themselves from support.

Whether we’re able to accept it or not, pain will always be there encouraging us to stretch, grow and change forever.
If we choose paths of avoidance, suppression or resistance, then we will suffer and cause more pain.
If we choose to embrace it and adapt to this natural process, only then will we have the opportunity to feel joy again.

The bottom line is, grief will only be released and decreased by walking through it. Thus, we have to be willing to not feel good in order to feel good.

Make no mistake. If we choose to welcome the pain, we will be just as terrified and tender. The difference though, is that allowing our pain to be present and moving forward even though we’re afraid, amplifies our bravery.

Truly accepting that we are going to hurt whether we try or don’t try in life, will allow us to take a lot more leaps of faith towards what we desire or know is right. It will set us free from unrealistic expectations of what it means to be happy and help us strive for personal excellence instead of perfectionism.
Further, making peace with the fact that the ebb and flow of pain and joy will be a lifelong cycle, grants us the courage to feel joy more fully when it’s present and prevent us from spiralling when it isn’t.

I’m not sure life is “easy” for anyone, but we can start to develop a sense of ease within our lives once we commit to putting in the work every single day to heal. We can only heal if we’re brave enough to face and embrace our pain.

Once we’ve healed enough, our pain then offers one of the most beautiful gifts on Earth: our ability to help others through theirs.

I’ve performed on many stages and taught at the front of a lot of classrooms over the last 20 years. However, the abundance of applause and praise I’ve received from those actions is no match for the aliveness and electricity I feel when I’m one on one with someone and have just been able to coach them through a challenge.

Having an audience appreciate you is a beautiful feeling, but I’m not sure there is anything more powerful than the connection that appears when two people open themselves up to giving and receiving their truths in pain and love.
The connection those people feel when they choose to be seen for who they really are and what they really feel is timeless and unbreakable. There’s nothing else that feels more uplifting, inspiring and real to me as sharing vulnerability.

Let me be clear. I have not always been able to express myself as openly as mentioned above with even some of my closest allies. It wasn’t until recent years, after a lot of therapy and personal development that I decided to start showing up in the world embodying my most authentic self.

To be seen by someone else for my imperfections, shame and fears still tears me apart even just thinking about it, regardless of how much that person may love me. However, I refuse to let my fear of rejection outweigh my value of living courageously.

I’ve learned that in order to have the capacity to absorb deeper amounts of love and happiness, my heart first has to break to let more in.

So I when my pain presents itself, I try my best to open my arms and let it tear me apart. I surrender as it wears down the locks and chains I have around my vulnerability to keep the real me hidden from the world.
As I crack open to bare my core, love and empathy are released into my bloodstream, caressing the coward within. It makes her feel protected and brave again, allowing me to stand my ground in my pain and listen without judgement.

It shows me that it is only here to help me see where I need to grow, so I have the chance at becoming the very best version of myself, in ways I never could have predicted. This opportunity to transform reminds me that I am worthy of love, connection and living a good life.

It encourages me to ask for help and lean on those who love me so we can share the weight and lift each other up.

It tells me I’m afraid of being rejected, because I have been rejecting myself. It reminds me the fear of abandonment will dissipate if I can learn to love myself. It reveals that no matter what people, possessions, abilities or roles fall away from my life as it washes over me, the person standing here baring her soul will be everlasting.

It speaks, I listen.
It’s released and I touch heaven.

What better drug than that?
Isn’t that what we’re always after?
A potion we can simply ingest that masks our pain, so we can feel loved, happy and fearless? An instant substance that makes us feel unbarred to be seen for who we are?

The problem is when that potion wears off, all that masked pain comes back and we crave the potion again and again until we’re dependant on it to feel alive and connected.

But what if the magic formula to get these feelings of elation aren’t in a manmade pill?
What if it’s in an action?
To let yourself be seen. Really seen.
What if embracing vulnerability is the potion that sets us all free?

The irony is that you will have to go through the pain yourself to know if what I’m saying is true. My words will only mean so much until you have the courage to trust and accept your struggle. So I’ll leave you with this:
When there’s pain don’t bury, run or hide from it because it will wait inside of you until you show up and embrace it.
Don’t project it onto someone else because you’ll never understand where it’s coming from in you and it will just keep coming.
Let the pain speak to you, because once it’s done talking and it knows you’ve heard it, it will begin to release itself.
Lean on another and let them lift you up. We are all neurobiologically hard wired to need connection from another human from birth to death. It is not a weakness, it is an element of survival and imperative to our healing process.

To be present with your pain is the last thing you want but is exactly what you need. It’s not easy, and it takes patience and practise. However, when you have the courage to accept your pain, it becomes rain to your desert, sunshine to your seeds, birds to your flowers and feathers to your wings.


Lift Me Up


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In 2011 I was hired to be the official voice and face of CFL on TSN’s “Friday Night Football” theme song, written by Eric Neuschwander and produced by Andy Curran. This is the full story.

I was at Orange Lounge Recording Studio in Toronto working on a record with good friend and collaborator Andy Curran (at the time manager of Rush, Ian Thornley and A&R executive at SRO/Anthem records), when in walked Eric Neuschwander (at the time Producer/Director/Writer for TSN).

Neuschwander was looking for a vocalist for the new “Friday Night Football” anthem and absolutely fell in love with what he heard the night he met me. In fact, I think he might have become my biggest fan from that point on.

It was a process to get the vice president of TSN who was overseeing the project to agree that I was a match for the part, but once he did things were quickly set into motion.

The first step was for Curran, Neuschwander and I to fly to LA and record my vocals at Henson Recording Studios. There we worked with Doyle Bramhall II, best known for his work with Eric Clapton and Roger Waters and I was even blessed enough to meet the legendary Kuk Harrell (songwriter/producer for Rihanna and many others).

My first LA experience was an incredible whirlwind of fancy hotels, delicious Mexican food and getting to meet and work with my heroes.

In later years I travelled repetitively to Santa Monica to grow my health and wellness career, where I developed a whole other network of friends and went through some amazing life transformations with Naam Yoga. It goes without saying that Cali holds a very special place in my heart and is one of my favourite places.

After California dreamin’, we arrived back in Canada for our next mission, which was to transform my hair from this:

To this:


(Both photos above by Maz Mohajer)

It took two different salons, 4 stylists, 24 hours and a pretty penny, but was a blast every step of the way. The friendships I developed during this process made it a precious experience, though I can’t deny that every time I think about turning dark again I still get a little shell shocked. 😉

The final step to complete the new Friday Night Football anthem was the video production. We shot my segment in a green screen warehouse at Showline Studios, where I stood on a little green box in 6 inch heels over the course of an entire day.


Neuschwander and his team’s infectious positive energy and incessant razzing turned the day into an absolute riot. When it comes to writing and directing in the sports industry, the man is a creative genius and even on a “bad day” he has an unparalleled ability to turn a work process into an adventure.

This incredible moment in my career lead to many more amazing opportunities going forward and for that I’m forever grateful to Andy C for introducing me to Noosh, to Noosh for believing in me and to both these men for always having my back whenever I need a big brother in this industry.

Thank you to everyone at TSN for your support and all who were involved in the project!!!

Below Mike Richards from TSN 10150 radio, interviews my guitar player and writing partner Darryl “Daz” Coppins and myself on our then up-and-coming single “Revived” produced by Grammy Award Winning NYC producer George M. Harry (AKA “DJ Dirty Harry”).

And of course the finished product- the Official CFL on TSN Friday Night Football theme song!!!

Janey Brown TSN interview

CFL on TSN "Friday Night Football" Anthem

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