Everyone is a performer ∴ we all get performance anxiety.

There is a common misconception that only those who express “art” are performers. 
Nothing could be further from the truth:

  • lawyers perform when they step into a courtroom
  • realtors perform when they’re showing a property
  • business executives perform when they’re spearheading a boardroom meeting
  • sales reps perform when they’re delivering a pitch
  • professors perform when they’re teaching a class
  • athletes perform when they’re competing
  • coaches perform when they’re leading a training session

And the list goes on.

The truth is, we all care about performing well regardless of our profession. So, whether you’re a singer stepping on stage, an athlete proving yourself at tryouts, a business person giving a presentation, in an interview for an important job, or on a first date- one way or another, we’ve all experienced performance anxiety or “stage fright.”


The Performance Mindset Program is for you if you…

  • desire to gain more happiness, self confidence and self awareness
  • are invested in improving the quality of your craft and your life
  • are interested in the science behind fear & stress and desire to learn fear management
  • are sick of leaving your success up to fate and are committed to taking control of your lifestyle habits
  • are willing to let go of perfectionism and unafraid to be authentic
  • are willing to be courageous



Your lifestyle habits directly affect how well you are able to cope with stress in and outside of the performance environment.

It’s natural to get butterflies before performing, but when the butterflies turn into tiny vampire bats with machine guns, it’s no longer casual nervousness but an anxiety that has grown out of control.
This not only sabotages your hard work by decreasing the quality of your performance, but also robs your ability to be confident, happy and healthy in life.

When anxiety is unmanageable for long enough, it turns into “chronic stress” which manifests into constant negative mental patterns, imbalanced emotions, and physical sickness. 

Once your health is compromised in any way, it will always transfer into compromising all other important areas of your life.

It’s vital then, to not only apply healthy tools which manage anxiety at the time of performing, but also in everyday life.


What is the “Performance Mindset Program”?

“When your physical, mental and emotional health are optimal, it will leave you no choice but to excel in your line of work!”

Proper nutrition and movement are imperative to achieve optimal well being, but without the right mindset- those things will only take you so far.

This 5 module Program first targets the source of your fears & stress and then offers practical, simple strategies to build resilience towards them.

It includes a variety of lifestyle adjustment strategies such as guided meditations, mindfulness, breathing techniques, writing exercises and mindset management tools to help you achieve the long-lasting success and quality of life you deserve.


Upon completion of this program you will have the skill set needed to be a confident, impactful leader whether you’re onstage performing a rock ballad or at the front of a boardroom leading a sales pitch.

You’ll never be more fearless.. than when you face our fears.



Performance Mindset Process


In order to create a better mindset around absolutely anything, there are 3 essential, actionable A’s that need to take place: Awareness, Acceptance & Adjustment.

This is known as the “TrifectA” in the Program.


You can’t change what you can’t see.
Developing self-awareness allows you to acknowledge the thoughts, fears, emotional reactions and physical habits that may be interfering with your ability to perform at your best.



This is a step that a lot of coaches miss. You can become aware of something and then choose to completely deny it. However, there is no way to build resilience to fear if you first don’t accept that it is present.
Acceptance of past failures and current setbacks (both unavoidable), allows you to best manage fear of future failures. This helps builds up the self confidence needed to step in the spotlight again.



Who you are off the stage is who you are on the stage.
Adjustment strategies which promote positive, long-lasting habits in your personal life, will then transform you into the most courageous and resilient person you can be in your performance life.


Once the TrifectA has been tackled, you will be set up with the foundation needed to operate from a place of authenticity and confidence while you tackle your fears and become whole again.


If you fight your fears…  they’ll fight you right back.
If you run from your fears… you’ll be running for life.
If you strive to be fearless… it’ll only make you more afraid. 

The answer is never to entomb, eradicate or negate fear. 
It’s to befriend it and turn it into fuel.

Fusing the science of the brain on fear and compassion for the inner critic, trains you to choose courage in the presence of any performance anxiety.

Module 5. FEARCE

At Fearce Academy we don’t just want to produce entertainers, or enticing leaders.
We want impactors.
Game changers.

The more connection we establish with our audience, the greater the impact we’ll make, and the fastest way to connect with an audience is to be human
This means we’re willing to become whole with our flaws and fears.

The goal of this module is not to make you unafraid, but rather make you more brave. 
It is not to shield you with armour, but build to your resilience to pain. 

Darkness will not disappear from your life, but you you can learn to shine through it so you can face another day.

“My mission is to help you understand that in the truest, rawest version of yourself – you are more than enough and more powerful than you could ever dream of.

When you can learn to see, accept and love yourself for both your brilliance and your blemishes, your diamonds and your darkness, your magic and your madness – you are the most beautiful you’ll ever be, because you’re the bravest you’ll ever be.

This is the epitome of being FEARCE.” – Janey 



What you’ll learn

  • meditation, mindfulness & breathing
  • writing exercises to cultivate positive emotion and personal discovery
  • self awareness and thought control
  • how to create long-lasting, positive lifestyle habits
  • the science of the nervous system, brain & stress
  • fear management tools
  • strategies on how to let go of perfectionism, bring out your authenticity and be impervious to critics
  • resilience to failure and courage to keep going
  • how to be more confident leading, presenting and performing to an audience


What’s included in the online program? 

  • 5 Key Educational Modules based on “What we’ll learn” subjects listed above. (Each module will be delivered via email with instructions.)
  • 5 PDF e-books 
  • daily/weekly journaling guide
  • easy chart for creating lasting lifestyle habits
  • anxiety management and stage prep resources (including breathing exercises, guided meditations, lifestyle guidelines and journalling exercises)
  • 5 weeks of ongoing email support


What’s included in the FULL Performance Mindset Program?

  • everything in the online program PLUS
  • one individual intake assessment + one-on-one consultation to establish a baseline and goals for the program
  • 4 follow up coaching phone calls
  • customized adjustment strategies


  • the best herbs for the nerves
  • 24 hour performance prep check list
  • Performance Mindset pep talk


How was the Performance Mindset Program created?

The hybrid of techniques used in this Program are derived from Janey Brown’s 10+ year background of coaching movement and mindset to professional athletes and hundreds of individuals, 18 years of studying & practising meditation, 20 + years experience of public performances and the triumph of her very own stage fright.

Read Janey’s full performance story: Janey’s Personal Story
Take a look at Janey’s skills & credentials: Janey’s Background



 Performance Mindset Program Special Offer!

FULL Performance Mindset Program + 5 one-on-one coaching calls (including one individual intake assessment + consultation to establish a baseline and goals for the program)

Limited spots available.
For any questions not listed in the FAQ below, contact: fearceacademy@gmail.com






What is performance anxiety?

It’s a fear or phobia caused by the anticipation of a performance, on camera or live, performing to a crowd size for as little as one person to thousands of people.

It can arise months before, moments before, during and after the performance itself.
It’s a problem that affects you both on and off “the stage”.

How can unmanaged performance anxiety hold us back?

  • freeze or get flustered during presentations/ performances
  • forget lines/ lyrics/ message
  • appear insecure and unprofessional
  • sabotage important opportunities
  • become more afraid of taking future risks
  • become less resilient to failure
  • lose self confidence
  • adopt poor coping mechanisms/ lifestyle habits
  • feel like a fraud/ failure
  • become depressed and anxious

Who gets performance anxiety?

Anyone. Everyone.
Whether you’re completely new to being in front of an audience or have 20 years experience, we are all prone to performance anxiety under a variety of circumstances.

The most obvious people affected are singers, actors, comedians, dancers, speakers, athletes, educational leaders and teachers. However, it can also affect the confidence of less obvious types of people such as business executives, sales professionals, politicians, interviewees, employees speaking to superiors and students giving speeches/ presentations at school.

It can even effect those trying to impress someone on a date or inhibit their courage to ask for a date in the first place. The list goes on…

Performance anxiety can truly affect any type of person at any time.

Even though my fear is crippling, I always perform well. Do I have it?

Performance anxiety manifests in two different outcomes: it either causes you to publicly fail, or you publicly succeed and feel like a failure underneath.

As mentioned above, the feeling of “butterflies” is usually a healthy nervousness. Tiny vampire bats with machines guns is not. 
Irregulated or chronic stress is dangerous and over time will damage mental, neural and physical health. 

What causes performance anxiety?

  • feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough
  • perfectionism
  • fear of being criticized or judged
  • feeling underprepared
  • trauma of past failures
  • lack of self awareness
  • lack of self acceptance/ confidence
  • lack of strategies and tools to control fear
  • poor lifestyle habits
  • social anxiety or social phobia

Do I need to be “good” at performing or perform professionally to join this program?

No! You do not need to be a “good” performer or even be in the entertainment industry to take this Program.

This Program is for absolutely ANYONE looking to improve their confidence, leadership abilities, authenticity and presence in front of others.

All you need is the desire to perform your best in all aspects of your life.

Regardless of your intentions, at the end of this program you will gain more awareness, confidence and self respect which can offer boundless amounts of joy, peace, health and passion in your life, regardless of your job.

I’m a regular performer but still get debilitating stage fright, am I in the wrong field?

While some people seemingly have a ‘natural ability’ to get up in front of others and crush it, it doesn’t mean the ones who aren’t naturals shouldn’t be in the field they’re in.

Just because you have stage fright doesn’t mean you’re not on the right path, it just means you need to look a little closer at yourself and target the root of your fears so you have the power to control them.

Even “naturals” have fears and some of the best performers in the world have had to work really hard at managing their stage fright.

The self- awareness this program offers, helps you to discover whether you truly need a drastic life change or are just lacking some simple stress management tools to help you manage your performance fears.

I have a really busy life, will I still be able to participate in this program?

Absolutely! Each of the 5 modules takes roughly 30 minutes to read through. You have 1 week to get through each module.
The time you spend on journaling, meditation exercises and breath work, etc., will be up to what you’re willing to commit to, but certainly do not need to be heavily time consuming day to day.

Will I have extra costs after purchasing the program?

No. Any opinions or recommendations given on herbs, supplements, equipment, or external tools to help you succeed will be entirely your choice to purchase or not.


Who is the Program NOT for?

  • Someone who doesn’t value positive change and growth mindset
  • Someone who is afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone
  • Someone who has been diagnosed with a social phobia or serious mental illness (please submit an email for further discussion before committing)
  • Someone who is not willing to address their fears and mental blockages


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