Coaching - Mental Health and Wellness

“I created the FEAR TO FEARCE program to provide the mental health, emotional intelligence, confidence and leadership skills I lacked coming up in the entertainment industry, especially around mindset and fear.

I was taught that fear is a weakness, but after years of fighting fears and losing, it’s clear now that fear is an untapped source of fuel.”

Janey Brown

Do you struggle with:

  • lack of confidence?
  • loneliness?
  • mental health challenges?
  • not being where you want to be in life?
  • inferiority / insecurity?
  • anxiety about the future?
  • fear of failure?
  • lack of motivation and productivity?
  • self loathing?
  • perfectionism?

I can help with that!
Whether it be standing on stage or at the front of a boardroom, being in an interview or on a first date, my coaching provides practical fear coping skills backed by science, that you can use anywhere, in any profession, for the rest of your life.

Who has benefited from Fearce Academy Coaching?

  • Performing artists
  • Athletes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Team leaders
  • Speakers
  • Coaches
  • Real estate agents
  • Lawyers
  • Military veterans
  • Every day people

During their time at Fearce Academy, clients successfully overcame stage fright, increased their impact and presence in presentations, pursued creative endeavours, took the leap with new business ventures, became more confident in front of the camera, staged amazing properties, found the courage to date after divorce, had tough conversations and set personal boundaries.