It’s not jogging + yoga. It’s not “Jock Yoga.” It’s JOGA- yoga for athletes- and it’s no joke.

I found this special brand of yoga 5 years ago in 2011, while working as a fitness + power yoga instructor at a boutique gym on Queen St. E in Toronto known as “EnergyXchange.” I crossed paths with creator/founder Jana Webb on her way into the gym’s yoga studio, where I recall her describing how incredible it had been seeing her athletes from CFL’s Calgary Stampeders, transform their bodies and their game once they started incorporating JOGA into their training regimens.

She noted that the program was designed specifically for athletes, tight bodies and people wanting more of an ‘athletic’ workout from their yoga practise. It seemed right up my ally, as I was never into the “Westernized”, flowery yoga culture that seemed to be missing the point of what yoga had to offer both scientifically and spiritually anyway.

It was so up my ally that I was utterly shaking from fatigue in my first class a week later.

This was humbling, because I come from a martial arts background where you’re trained never to show your opponent that you’re experiencing weakness. However, in JOGA you have no choice; if you’re not strong enough to maintain the posture, your body will take you out of it.
Before I tried the class, I remember being intrigued by learning more about how it was so different than just a hard, sweaty power yoga practise. By the end of the first class I understood that there was a unique science behind the carefully selected sequence of postures.

The program forces you to stay honest with yourself, reveals your weakest links, ensures you get in touch with your breath and educates you more about your body than any other physical training program I have ever taken, let alone taught.
The deep connection each posture has to the core makes sure you’re strong from the inside out.
The kinetic cueing encourages perfect bone alignment to promote proper movement patterns.
The emphasis put on targeting the stabilizer muscles provides muscular support for the joints thus safe range of motion.
These components allow the body to find it’s maximum potential within it’s own limitations and enables energy to move through the body more efficiently and successfully in all other movements- whether on or off the mat.
You could say it’s a game changer… or a life changer.

I increased my proprioception and became more aware of my body on the outside, because I was actually being educated on what was going on mechanically inside.
The power of breath and it’s connection to the core was comprehended on a whole new level and this was all just within the first of the four segments in Level 1 JOGA. 

It was not only a kickass workout as promised, it was brilliant knowledge for the mind, evolutionary for the body and redefined the meaning of yoga to me.

I looked no further: In October 2011 I took the first ever JOGA teacher training, and in December 2011 I was the first ever certified JOGA instructor.

Since becoming certified, I have had the opportunity of working with CFL’s Toronto Argonauts, the NHL players from the Gary Roberts High Performance Training, Olympic athletes, UFC fighters and am now a JOGA Master Trainer, leading 40 hour JOGA teacher trainings in Ontario.

I’ve gained incredible amounts of personal and professional growth upon getting involved with JOGA and I’m so exited to be a part of something that is becoming a global success.

Apart from the personal gains, career successes and sense of purpose I’ve gained from being involved with the JOGA company over the last 5 years, the thing I cherish the most is the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made.
It never ceases to amaze me the type of clients, fellow Jogis and business people this company attracts. It’s like a magnet for intelligent, driven, loyal, beautiful, strong and inspirational men and women, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have developed some of the best friends in the world because of this.

In the “JOGA WORLD (Behind The Scenes)” video below, you’ll see for yourself the dedication, hard work and respect that we all put into our relationships with our fellow teammates, as well as into the success of this company.

Thank you Jana Webb for the bravery it took to follow your heart and create this bullet-proof program, and for inspiring us all to follow our hearts too.

“JOGA is the discipline of yoga combined with the SCIENCE AND BIOMECHANICS OF MOVEMENT. The program was designed for the body of an athlete, the mind of an athlete and the industry of sport.” – Jana Webb (

JOGA WORLD Behind The Scenes

JOGA Teacher Training Mannequin Challenge