The 3 part video series in this blog offers some practical tips on making positive lifestyle changes through meditation and mindfulness.

Video #1 is an introduction to how we can find our own individual meaning of spirituality.

Video #2 answers some of the most commonly asked questions about meditation.

Video #3 includes some quick and simple instructions on a breathing exercise that can help reduce anxiety and manage stress.

Meditation Background

As many of you already know from My Story, I haven’t just been performing for the last 20 years. Since in 2007, I’ve also lead hundreds of individuals and groups in fitness, yoga and meditation classes.

You may also know that I started practising meditation at age 13 to better cope with the stage fright I struggled with as a teenager and young adult.

Since then, I’ve studied breath and sound therapy in the 200h Naam Yoga Therapies program, which has given me a deeper understanding of how we can begin to balance the nervous system through breathing meditations and how sound vibrations effect our brainwaves and mood.

I’ve also taken the 25h Blu Matter Project “Yoga for Mental Health” course, which educated me on deeper emotional awareness through mindfulness exercises, how the brain works, as well as how to support those dealing mental illness.

Above all, one of the most powerful and consistent experiences to date has been my personal study and practise of cultivating spirituality, self awareness and developing positive neural pathways.
The spiritual connection, liberation and balance meditation and breath work have added to my life have been so profound that there’s no other option for me than to start sharing this knowledge.

Regardless of my years of practise and certifications, I will always consider myself a student of these topics and am humbled and honoured when people want to learn from me, so thank you for allowing me to share with you.

Below is a 3 part video series, where pro athlete holistic nutritionist & strength coach Sylvie Tetrault interviews me on some of the most common topics that clients and followers ask me about.

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1. The Meaning of Spirituality


2. Common Meditation Questions


3. Breathing Exercise to Reduce Anxiety