Path To Wellness

My personal path to wellness was not what I set out for, but it’s a part of me that I wouldn’t give up for anything.

Most of you know I’ve been a singer/ performer all my life. Writing, recording and performing songs live or on video is the passion I live for.
However I’ve also been a fitness, meditation and yoga coach over the last 10 years, teaching hundreds of groups and individuals at over 16 different wellness facilities in Toronto.

This long journey in the fitness industry started even before it became my way of earning income, with a history of competitive gymnastics, martial arts, and performing dance numbers in music theatre productions every summer.
Initially, I was involved in fitness to keep me healthy for the stage, but then it turned into something I could support myself with financially off the stage.

When I began to turn it into a career, I started out at the bottom of the food chain as an intern at Curves for Women in Brockville at age 17. Two years later I moved to Toronto to pursue my music career and simultaneously attained the credits needed to teach fitness and yoga. My experiences are many I am proud of:
  • I’ve lead teacher trainings for aspiring yoga instructors, and hosted educational seminars for corporate companies.
  • I’ve trained NHL and CFL players, Olympic athletes and UFC fighters in the athletic brand of yoga known as JOGA.
  • I’ve taken 7 yoga trainings and 4 fitness/coaching certifications, among many other courses to support my knowledge base.
  • I’ve helped lawyers and financial kingpins find their zen through meditation.
  • I’ve seen hundreds of faces smile through sweat and just as many curse me under their breath.
  • I’ve met hundreds of fellow wellness leaders and probably won’t have to pay for another yoga class in Toronto as long as I live there.
  • I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would about the physical body, the nervous system, breath patterns, nutrition, meditation, yoga styles, body mechanics, recovery, “mindfulness” and will continue to learn for the rest of my life.

Though in all the tremendous experiences I’ve gained and services I’ve given over these years, one of the most exciting accomplishments happened in March 2016 with three other incredible women.

In addition to my music aspirations, it’s always been a dream of mine to:
A) escape Canadian winters to somewhere hot B) travel C) work with a team of like minded, driven women who share the same desire to serve the greater good.
I nailed all 3 of those dreams in one when I teamed up with Panacea Wellness in March 2016, to teach yoga and meditation at our first wellness retreat in Costa Rica.

Panacea Wellness was founded by two east coast ginger sisters- Cleo & Sylvie Tetrault. In the summer of 2015, they asked another East Coast girl Mischaela Richter and myself to join their team.

Cleo is a high powered ninja masseuse who takes care of all the retreat details and logistics, and who could easily bring a 7ft, 400 pound football player to tears on her massage table. She is small, but trust me- she is mighty. At the same she has a kindness in her heart that can warm up the entire room, making you feel completely safe and at ease in her care.

Mischaela is an energetic healer, who delights everyone with Reiki at our retreats and may have a natural talent at showing people just how hard they are capable of laughing. After meeting and spending time with Mischaela for 3 days, I’m pretty convinced we’re part of the same family of magical mermaids.

Sylvie is a strong, tenacious woman who inspires and motivates her clients (and me) every day. She takes care of all the nutrition and fitness classes at the retreat and has a wealth of knowledge that enchants everyone who chooses to learn from her.
Though we look fundamentally nothing alike, we’ve been mistaken for sisters and even twins on more than one occasion, in more than one country. Each time this happens it’s just as bizarre as the last time, but perhaps we’re perceived as so similar due to the same passion, determination and courage we commit to our goals and life itself.
I kiss the sky every day that her and I came back into each others’ lives after meeting 10 years ago in 2007.

Yeah, pretty incredible team… I think so too.

If the amazing connection and joy that came out of travelling with these women before and after the retreat wasn’t indication enough that I am on the right path with the right people, then the growth in spirituality and leadership we developed together as a team during the actual retreat proved it.

The poise and grace that was exuded through our challenges, the emotional control through our exhaustion and the support, respect and honesty we had for one another when discussing a problem, really defined the women I am in business with and showed me the woman I’ve grown into today.

I’m incredibly grateful to be working with this team and excited for the wellness retreats and seminars we’ll be hosting in 2017. (Learn more about our next Panacea Wellness Retreat on Feb 17 2017!!!)
Finding happiness, purpose and wellness looks different for everyone.
Science has proven that we are all diverse right down to our DNA, thus we all need a customized combination of exercise, nutrition and motivating activities to create our paths to wellness. You could say that I’ve found my path to wellness in helping people find theirs.
I am truly my best self, when I am leading others to their best life.