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7. The TrifectA: 3 actionable A's to create any change | Creating Space Podcast

Janey Brown takes-over the Creating Space Podcast to guide us through an anxiety-reducing breathing exercise and deliver a tool from her Performance Mindset Program. The TrifectA: 3 actionable A’s to create any change.

6. Working Your Way Through Fear| The YOUnique Piece Podcast

Having obstacles in our lives can help us become the best versions of ourselves and Janey Brown has shown that to be the case. Janey shares the tools she’s learned in those difficult moments to teach others how to overcome through her performance mindset and wellness programs. Tune in to learn more about how you can overcome your own fears.

5. Janey Brown – A Wellness Rockstar | Mart & The Fishbowl Podcast

4. A Performer's Mindset | Breakthrough Musician PODCAST

“Proper mindset is crucial to a musician. In this episode, Performance Mindset Coach Janey Brown takes us through her decision to pursue music at an early age. As a childhood performer, music was what molded Janey. She mentions how making a commitment to be a performer made struggles later in life much more manageable. She knew that this was her only option.

Janey also talks about her battle with stage fright but unlike most performers, her situation was different. Many musicians have issues while they’re on stage. A physical symptom or the inner monologue while trying to execute a smooth phrase! For Janey, her problems began once she got off stage. She would constantly hearing the inner voices of doubt and worry. This began to take a toll on her everyday and she knew she had to make a change.

Sure enough this gave way to her start in her health career. Janey has always been active but now being able to collide her music and health career has paved the road to the Performance Mindset Program. Janey describes her Performance Mindset coaching program and how it can prepare you on and off stage!” – Kevin Mecchella, Breakthrough Music

3. Anxiety & the Path to a Performance Mindset | Championship Lifestyle PODCAST w/ Janey Brown

In this episode of the CLP we’re joined by our very good friend and online Performance coach, Janey Brown! A performer of 20 years and fitness expert for over a decade, Janey has combined her wealth of experience dealing with anxiety on and off the stage, with her yoga and meditation practice. The result is her brand new Performance Mindset Program. JB opens up about her personal experiences with anxiety, identifying yoga and meditation as coping strategies and why we all need to connect with our authenticity.

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2. Performance Anxiety, Shame & Vulnerability | Enhance Your World PODCAST

On average, performers deal with a higher level of anxiety than is necessary, than is healthy or than they are aware of.
The Performance Mindset Program helps people control their fears to stop anxiety from dominating their lives.
In this podcast, life enhancement coach Chris Albaugh invited me onto his early morning “Enhance Your World” Podcast show, where we discuss the Performance Mindset Program, anxiety, shame, vulnerability, courage, addiction, regrets & gratitude.

1. JOGA, Janey's Story & Stage Fright | Tea Time With Tay PODCAST

In this rare interview with Taylor Lynn of the “Tea Time with Tay” podcast, I share exclusive, never shared before details on my wellness background, music story, losing my voice, and battling with stage fright.
We also discuss my role in the JOGA (brand of yoga designed for athletes) company and the Performance Mindset Program!!!

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