I Belong Here

Over the last 12 years in Toronto, I saw not much value in developing a community. I came to the city to achieve my goals… not to play around. There was “no time” to spend on anything other than what was directly related to manifesting my music and wellness careers, and besides… I didn’t “need” [...]

Runway to Recovery

In a lot of ways, my whole life has felt like walking a “runway." Fast paced. Non-stop. Observed by crowds and cameras. And one hell of a shit show backstage. Whether it be stepping in front of an audience to sing, in front of a group of athletes to teach a Joga class, or in [...]

Rally After Rejection

Rally after REJECTION Whether it be standing on stage or at the front of a boardroom, being in an interview or on a first date, the FEAR of REJECTION is in us all. This fear is the major root of stage fright or "performance anxiety" and prevents millions of people from performing optimally at their [...]

“Do Not Disturb”

Tech Addiction “We unlock our iPhones an average of 80 times and rack up more than 4.7 hours actively engaged with our mobile device each day.” - Taylor Pipes, Evernote Blog writer It's said that the answer to any addiction is found within the addiction itself. “Phone addiction” is a real thing and it's being [...]

Behind The Scenes

Play Fearce - Behind the Scenes Artist, Wellness Coach and Fearce Academy founder Janey Brown gives motivational messages on set for "Play Fearce," which is a mini series showcasing the story of an artist overcoming fear on their journey to success. Private video Private video Private video 1/1 By PoseLab Show more videos» @JANEYBWORLD 1/1 [...]


Podcast archives below!   10. I've Gotta Face Me Now | Episode 19 The RAD Frontier Podcast Janey Brown is a singer, song writer, and performance coach amongst several other amazing talents who hales from Toronto, Canada! She is the Founder of The Fearce Academy which is an online coaching program for athletes, leaders, and [...]

Costa Rica

Last year I took an epic 5 week trip to Costa Rica with my colleagues from Panacea Wellness (a wellness company specializing in destination yoga/meditation/nutrition and recovery retreats), who also happen to be some of my best friends. I went into the trip expecting an adventure and came out with a completely new outlook on the purpose [...]

Path To Wellness

My personal path to wellness was not what I set out for, but it’s a part of me that I wouldn’t give up for anything. Most of you know I’ve been a singer/ performer all my life. Writing, recording and performing songs live or on video is the passion I live for. However I’ve also been a fitness, meditation [...]


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In 2011 I was hired to be the official voice and face of CFL on TSN’s “Friday Night Football” theme song, written by Eric Neuschwander and produced by Andy Curran. This is the full story. I was at Orange Lounge Recording Studio in Toronto working on a record with good friend and collaborator Andy Curran (at the time […]